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  1. Why mobile grooming? Convenient and stress-free for your loved ones.

  2. What do we need from you? Towels, water supply and electricity, we come with our own extensions and hose pipes.

  3. Why do we need towels from you? For hygiene and sanitary reasons.

  4. How long does the service take? It depends on dog size typically 30mins to 1 hour.

  5. How do we pay? We accept cash, EFT or Card Machine.

  6. Do you have shampoo for sensitive skin? Yes we do.

  7. How often should I have my dog groomed? Every four weeks.

  8. How often should my dog’s nails be cut? It differs from breed to breed and the walking surfaces of your loved ones. Long nails will cause strain on the foot muscle and bones. If ignored, your loved ones toes, feet, legs, shoulders and back will become uncomfortable.

  9. Do you use flee and tick dip? Yes we do, available on request.

  10. Should I carry on grooming during winter? Yes, it is needed all year round. An unkept coat will not regulate your loved ones body temperature to adapt to winter. We use warm water as well as a warm hair dryer.

  11. My dog has a skin condition; will you be able to groom them? Unfortunately ,due to hygiene and contagious reasons we cannot groom your loved one. Even though our vans are sanitized regularly the risk is too high. We will refer you to one of our trusted vets.

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